Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Top 10 Website I Love That Aren’t About Books

TTT is hosted over at The Broke and the Bookish. This week is all about non-book websites. This was a little harder for me, because A LOT of my websites are bookish. I've only just started following some other ones that I really enjoy. Here's what I came up with:

Amazon - I mean, really, who doesn’t love amazon? Free 2-day shipping with prime? Yes please. Prime music and video? I’ll take it! I won’t deny that I buy a lot of my books through amazon, but I buy so much more than that! Kitchen gadgets (hello spiralizer!), pet water fountain filters, leggings, dryer parts (yes, I fixed my own dryer - like a boss). You name it, amazon has it.

Whole30 - If you’ve been following any of my recent posts, you’ll know that I’m currently a week into my first whole30. Things are going great and I wouldn’t be where I’m at in the program without the official website. It has everything to help you through the program from start to finish, first or tenth whole30.

Real Food With Dana - I just started following this one after prepping for my whole30. Dana not only has amazing paleo and whole30 recipes, but she is also always dropping pop culture references. Especially Mean Girls and HP. And she LOVES guacamole. A girl after my own <3

Pinterest - What can I say, I’m a pinterest junkie. Recipes, clothes, DIY, quotes, movies… the list never ends. I have to watch myself or I can get lost in a sea of pins.

gimme some oven - Speaking of pinterest, I first found Gimme Some Oven through pinterest looking for recipes and after pinning a few, I started following. Great recipes!

Target - I love Target. That big red bullseye pulls me and and begs me to spend my money. Shopping online at Target, honestly, keeps me in check a little more. I don’t find myself randomly pulling things off shelves and into my cart, but just order what I need and move on. Plus, if I really need something ASAP, I can usually pick it up in store, like the curtains from the room divider I just put up in the basement. Buy 3, get 1 free!

Wayfair & Overstock - I’m grouping these two together because they share a lot of the same products. One site tends to be a good amount cheaper than the other  (at least $20 or more difference) but not always the same one. So, I’m constantly checking prices at both and buying from whichever is cheaper that day. I’m on these sites way more than I buy from them, which is really lucky. But I have bought some great things, like my blue Rachel Ray plates (wayfair) and a gorgeous new mirror (overstock).

Crazy Together - I came across this blog on pinterest as well when I was looking into Stitchfix. Maria’s Stitchfix posts are great and I love seeing what she was sent. I just found out she has done a whole30 and I love her posts on that as well. Plus, I learned that we live in the same area and even shop at the same local Amish market. Maybe one day I’ll run into her!

Life in Pearls and Sports Bras - Another blog I started following because of Stitchfix and the one that convinced me to try Trunk Club. A’s reviews are always fun and I love her Fab Finds posts!

Spiritual Gangster - If I could buy my entire wardrobe from Spiritual Gangster, I would. Their yoga inspired clothes are amazing and I could easily go broke buying everything that I like. Plus, their name is awesome.

I'd love to hear what your favorite non-bookish websites are! Until next time,

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